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Aircraft Performance Data


Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34. 750 shp flat rated to 620 shp


Hartzell, HC-B3TN, three bladed

Maximum Take-off Weight:

14,000 lb

6,350 kg

Typically Equipped Operating Weight*:

8,264 lb

3,748 kg

Useful Load:

5,736 lb

2,602 kg

Standard Fuel Capacity:

3,110 lb

1,757 litres

Extended Fuel Capacity:

3,586 lb

2,026 litres

Maximum Cruise Speed:

182 TAS

337 km/h

Loiter Speed:

86 IAS

86 IAS

STOL Take-off Distance to 50 feet:

1,200 feet

366 m

STOL Landing Distance from 50 feet:

1,050 feet

320 m

Max Endurance Cruise Fuel Burn (10,000 feet):

328 lb/hour

185 l/hr

Loiter Speed Fuel Burn (5,000 feet):

352 lb/hour

199 l/hr

Max Cruise Speed Fuel Burn (10,000 feet):

652 lb/hour

368 l/hr

Technical drawing of Twin Otter Guardian 400 Performance Data
Endurance and Range Data


Std Fuel

Ext Fuel

Endurance Time (hrs):


Time on Station with 100nm transit:


Range with Maximum Fuel (nm):


Range with Maximum Fuel (km):


*Features include: one workstation with seat, five single seats, one stretcher rack, extended wing tip tanks, and two S.C.A.R. - Pods.


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