Guardian 400

World Demonstration Tour 2019-2020

Robust design, minimal maintenance requirements, & exceptional short-field performance capabilities make it ideally suited for specialized government operations in extreme environments.
Guardian 400 World Tour
Airborne Technologies
Wing-mounted S.C.A.R. - Pods
Viking’s principal partner for the tour, Airborne Technologies, has designed and manufactured the wing-mounted S.C.A.R. - Pods that house the aircraft’s sensor equipment and its Airborne LINX® flexible surveillance architecture solution.
Upcoming Airshows
November 2019, Dubai Airshow
The Guardian 400 demonstrator aircraft will also be available for viewing in conjunction with the 2019 Dubai Airshow as well as a few 2020 Airshow events.
Airborne Technologies
Enterprise Control Systems Ltd.
Galleon Embedded Computing


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