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—Absorb Talent / 吸纳人才

If you are proactive, passionate about your work – you are what we need; if you are active and willing to innovate – we warmly welcome you to join.

—Personnel Training / 培养人才

“Learning, innovation” is the core value advocated by the company. We believe that the improvement of the quality of employees is the guarantee for the improvement of the quality of the company.
1. Sound training system: on-the-job training, job training, professional skills training, staff quality training, and further study;
2. Implement an internal development organization system to encourage employees to participate in internal competition, select, promote and reward outstanding employees;
3. Perfect talent echelon construction, providing a broad space for employee promotion and development;
4. Advocate the professionalization of the management team and create the core cohesiveness and collective explosiveness of the team.

—Corporate Talent Concept / 企业人才观

We advocate the "double growth" model of "growth of employees in the growth of enterprises"
While striving to achieve the company's goals, it also helps employees to achieve themselves and provide a fair opportunity for each employee.

—Compensation & Benefits / 薪酬福利

Chunbao has established a comprehensive employee compensation and welfare system to understand employees, meet the diverse and multi-level needs of employees, and give employees considerate care.
1. 8 hour working hours, standard working hours.
2. Enjoy the full attendance award, performance award, year-end bonus and other rich rewards;
3. Enjoy national statutory holidays, paid holidays, marriage leave, maternity leave, bereavement leave, sick leave, etc.;
4. Good office environment and pleasant landscaping garden.;
5. Free and healthy and delicious working meals and comfortable accommodation environment. 

—Campus Recruitment / 校园招聘

We develop a reasonable and effective campus recruitment process, introduce a group of fresh graduates with professional knowledge and skills, enrich the talent team of all departments and corresponding positions of the company, improve the overall quality of the company's personnel, build an enterprise talent team, and supplement the company's development with fresh blood. , reserve human resources.

Recruitment standard:
value identification: gratitude, focus, introspection, sharing, character, responsibility. Potential mining: enterprising, learning, logical analysis, communication, teamwork.

—Social Recruitment / 社会招聘

Based on the professional skills and job requirements of different positions, we follow the principle of “comprehensive and talented, two-way choice, and merit-based admission” to attract industry elites.