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Product line planning, product efficacy design, product portfolio design and product packaging design services.

Provide product composition, efficacy instructions, instructions and matters needing attention.

Agent product inspection service。

Provide sample imitation, high imitation services.

Provide product three certificates
(Only for finished filling in factory.)。

Provide packaged materials, label printing and other ancillary services.

ODM Process / ODM加工流程

1、Engage in business and communicate with each other to establish product requirements; 2、Develop investment plans based on customer needs, brand concept design; 3、Arrange the order according to the planned product categories, determine the packaging materials, and cooperate matters;
4、Package material customization; 5、Package inspection fee library, planned production; 6、Semi-finished products are produced and tested and filled; 7、Storage of finished products; 8、Settlement of the whole project after completion of processing; 9、After the settlement is completed, arrange the delivery of the warehouse.

Other Instructions / 其他说明

(1)Opposite sample
According to the customer's requirements for product quality, such as color, fragrance, state (lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, powder, liquid foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, etc.) product effect, or price requirements. After the customer receives the sample and tries to confirm the satisfaction, the order will be produced. Proofing and machine production are two kinds of processes. Some products may have a slight deviation from the color of the sample. This is a common color difference problem in the industry. Please don't bother us.

The minimum order quantity for general products is 24,000, and the first batch of cooperation can be ordered from 12,000.
Lipstick 24000 can only do 8 colors (on a total of 24000, a minimum of 3000)
Lip gloss 24000 can only do 8 colors (on a total of 24000, a minimum of 3000)
Paste class as above
Powder cake 24000 can be made in 6 colors (on a total of 24000, a minimum of 4000)
The liquid foundation is calculated in kilograms by one kilogram, calculated as the capacity of the bottle.
The above is the quantitative color of the material, excluding the packaging material!
Other products can consult customer service

(3)OEM packaging materials
The packaging materials can be divided into glass bottles, plastic bottles, acrylic bottles, aluminum bottles, tubes, paper boxes and so on. Glass bottles generally order 12,000, can be sprayed; plastic bottles generally set 12000, 12000 with color; 12000 hoses. Generally, the spot size of glass bottles is relatively large, other options are small, and the hoses are basically out of stock. The packaging materials can be supplied by the customer or purchased on our behalf.